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Welcome to Holgate Public School - Coming soon new improved website

Holgate Public School caters for the individual needs of every pupil by developing independent and responsible students in a small, friendly  and community based atmosphere.

The school, whilst maximising student performance in core learning areas, places an emphasis on the performing arts, sport and environmental activities.

There are a wide range of student support programs including leadership through our School Parliament, Gifted and Talented opportunities  as  well as  effective

intervention for students requiring learning assistance. Our school facilities include access to learning technology, magnificent school grounds and a new hall built by our P&C and school community. Parents and friends are always welcome to participate in the many school activities and programs.


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Holgate Public School
189 Wattle Tree Rd,
Holgate NSW 2250
Phone: (02) 4367 7444
Fax: (02) 4365 3088